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I was born into a not quite wealthy family. We were on the bottom side of lower class, and I can remember my dad frequently pulling money directly out of his pay checks just to cover rent… Well at least we didn’t have to worry about dealing with banks. :P I know this seems irreverent to this picture but I did find some pleasure in my adolescence. Of course we didn’t have cable so I couldn’t jump on the bandwagon of shows such as Teen Titans, American dad, or family guy. (Or at least those are the shows I remember people talking about that I hadn’t seen. HOWEVER I did have a ridiculously shitty metal antennae behind my house that I would hand turn to find a better reception. And it was always a challenge but i would perceived and find my ideal reception to WB! I found our friend fried ricer here fighting other food based monsters. And as lame as it sounds now I really did love this show. It also led to my obsession with Yugioh ranging from elementary school to high school… I was lame to say the least, but that lameness makes us who we are. And I like to think I turned out alright.

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